Did you or someone you know loose a CALICO CAT near Blackstock this summer around the middle of July? A very friendly and clean calico cat (about a year old) strayed into our backyard last July. She was looking for attention and was very hungry. She wanted to come into our house and seemed to be somebody's pet. She then had kittens in our garden shed but kept moving them to different locations in an attempt to keep them hid. When her kittens were about 2 weeks old we brought the whole family indoors. We have indoor cats, and did not think they would all get along and therefore kept the mother and kittens in a spare bedroom where she behaved very well. We have since found homes for all of her kittens and she is now often allowed out of her room and comes out to run around with our other cats. She has been living in our home for over 3 months now. I hoped I would have found her owners by now. It is possible she was dropped off by someone who didn't want her; but that is hard to believe considering how clean, friendly, beautiful, and well mannered she is. I suspect that someone misses her very much. If you recognize this cat and might be able to give information that will help find her home please phone me (Janice) and 905 986 . If you leave a message I will return your call asap.
Also, let me know if you might like to adopt her. Realistically I cannot keep her much longer. She needs to be spayed and I do not let her outdoors to be sure she doesn't get pregnant (again).